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The Secret Sauce Behind Direct Mail's Resurgence, as originally seen in Forbes.

Posted by Megan Allinson on May 07, 2019
Savvy marketers are discovering that direct mail is more powerful than ever, especially when they're microtargeting new customers and building deeper relationships with existing customers. Email, robocalls, social media, and many other techniques have their strengths, but cluttered messaging channels render many such approaches unemotional and ineffective.
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Driving Response and Conversion with 7 Multi-Channel, Multi-Touch Tips

Posted by Megan Allinson on Feb 22, 2018

Did you know that 33% of consumers regularly use more than three (3) channels when making purchases, yet only 14% of organizations claim their currently running coordinated campaigns across channels?1

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Bank Marketing: 7 Tips to Improve Small Business Lead Generation

Posted by Bruce McMeekin on Aug 15, 2014

If you are a bank marketing professional, you no doubt understand what a challenge it is to convince small business owners and CFO's that it's time to switch banks. Even developing enough doubt in the mind of a small business owner about their current situation to consider meeting with your bank is a difficult task.

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Everything you need to know about data

Posted by Laura Costello on Feb 14, 2014

Data is a marketer’s most important asset, and today’s marketing data options are deeper and more complicated than ever before.  Join Bruce and Sam on March 3rd at the Direct Marketing Innovations Symposium in Cambridge, where they lead a session on New Options in B2B and B2C Lists.  They will cover the latest list strategies available to marketers trying to reach business and consumer targets through traditional and digital direct marketing channels.   

Topics will include:

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Bank Merger Communications: Creative Development

Posted by Laura Costello on Oct 25, 2013

Creative development is a part of any major communications process. Image, text, and video elements can all play a role in marketing programs, but in bank merger communications it's especially important to keep your goals and purpose in sight at all times.

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Bank Merger Communications: Strategy and Process Design

Posted by Laura Costello on Oct 22, 2013

Mergers can be complex, but the best bank merger communications are simple and transparent. It's essential to understand when to communicate, what to communicate, and to whom you should communicate.

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