Customer System Conversion Communications

It is nearly impossible to follow the banking industry and not be aware of the impact that technology is having on every aspect of the bank/customer relationship. While analysts have been calling for the replacement of core banking systems for years, the fact is that new and disruptive technology has created an environment for different types of change – some significant and some less so.

The reality is that any change to the manner in which a customer interacts with their bank requires thought about the level and manner of communication about these events. Core banking conversions are very large and complex exercises that take significant time, resources and expense. But what about the less complex but still revenue impacting initiatives?

For this reason, BKM offers a number of services to assist our clients in the conversion communication process – whether large or small.

Develop a comprehensive communication strategy

  • Establish a core communication team
  • Assess the situational factors
  • Determine the scope of communication needs
  • Develop an effective communications platform and timeline 

Work with clients to build a comprehensive program and process design

Work as your agency (or with your agency) to develop creative services

  • Develop concepts and refine communication packages and components
  • Create messaging that clearly sets expectations for the customer experience
  • Ensure consistency across all communication channels including in-branch and digital

Conduct rigorous analysis to create highly effective data consolidation services

  • Review test files from all systems of record
  • Conduct field check and count verification
  • Produce consolidated files and mismatch report
  • Determine processes for new customer (gap) file processing

Deliver a consistent customer experience across channels

  • Select appropriate printing and lettershop partners for all direct mail outreach and in-branch materials
  • Partner with internal IT teams for optimizing digital communications across platforms, including microsite, email, mobile and social

At BKM, we have worked with clients of all asset sizes to assist in customer conversion communication programs. Whether a client requires assistance for an end-to-end customer or system conversion communication project or a partner to assist with a specific component of their conversion plans, BKM provides a uniquely flexible model to meet the needs of your bank.

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