Delivering strategic growth.

Regardless of changes in the financial services industry, the demand for growing an institution’s base of customers and members will not likely subside. Because of this reality, one of the market imperatives is to develop and execute strategic marketing programs that are consistently focused on one metric – growth.

Whether growth comes in the form of new customers or members, balances and loan outstandings per household or business or core relationship profitability – financial institution marketers need to maintain a rigid focus on ways to effectively deliver bottom line growth.

We recognize this reality, along with the fact that every institution and market provides for distinct opportunities to deliver that growth. That is why we begin each bank marketing program with our client’s key balance sheet objectives with an overlay of their solution offerings, pricing strategies and market opportunities.

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Expand your base of customers and members one step at a time.

Acquiring new customers/members is at the heart of any financial services marketing strategy. Whether you are focused on building core deposit balances or business loan outstandings we help our clients design and execute in areas like:

BKM Marketing | Banking and Financial Service | Customer Cross-Sell  Programs

Profitably deepen your existing relationships.

The adage remains that it is much cheaper to retain an existing customer/member than to acquire a new one, so we work with our clients to uncover strategies to create value for their existing portfolio and increase the revenue contribution from these segments. Programs can include:

  • Direct marketing programs for loan and deposit cross-sell
  • Fee-based service cross-sell by target segment


Build loyalty with a lasting communications program.

Providing a truly smooth onboarding experience for customers/members can be a challenge - and can set an awkward tone early in the relationship. We work with clients to identify appropriate steps that can incrementally create a valuable experience for customers, building these relationships over time.

  • New customer onboarding best practices
  • Small business and commercial banking customer onboarding training and material development


Identify new opportunities to maximize revenue growth.

There are often hidden segments in an institution’s existing portfolio of business that create the possibility of additional revenue – like grandfathered products, inactive customers and new price points. We work with clients to uncover these potential areas of revenue with a focus on not just the near-term benefits but on the long-term contribution to growth that an optimal relationship can provide.

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