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Find the perfect tech fit for your bank by asking vendors these 9 questions.

Posted by Megan Allinson on Oct 29, 2019

The rate of technology change facing Banks and Credit Unions today is unprecedented.  At the same time, the challenges facing prioritization for selecting from these solutions is more critical than ever before for the industry.  In a recently published article in International Banker: Find the Perfect Tech Fit for Your Bank by Asking Vendors These 9 Questions, BKM Marketing’s Managing Director of Banking and Financial Services, Rick Hall, looks at approaches to leverage an institution’s strategy to navigate this reality.

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Adopt an employee-first methodology during a bank merger

Posted by Megan Allinson on Jul 25, 2019

Federal regulators are becoming more and more receptive to large bank deals — bank merger approvals have sped up under the Trump administration. As the landscape resets to include larger combinations, the financial rationale is dependent upon combining institutions exploring and addressing the needs of all constituents impacted by these mergers.

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The Secret Sauce Behind Direct Mail's Resurgence, as originally seen in Forbes.

Posted by Megan Allinson on May 07, 2019
Savvy marketers are discovering that direct mail is more powerful than ever, especially when they're microtargeting new customers and building deeper relationships with existing customers. Email, robocalls, social media, and many other techniques have their strengths, but cluttered messaging channels render many such approaches unemotional and ineffective.
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Six Takeaways from NEDMA's MTech '18 Summit

Posted by Grace McMeekin on Dec 21, 2018

While interning with BKM Marketing during my winter break, I attended the New England Direct Marketing Association's (NEDMA) 9th marketing technology summit at Bentley University. The summit featured several influential speakers who shared their perspectives on the current and future state of marketing technology and how to adapt to it. Out of all of the summit's informative speakers and panelists (including BKM CEO Bruce McMeekin), here are six key concepts that I took away from the conference.

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BKM Marketing Clients Receive Three Gold and One Silver at the NEDMA Awards for Creative Excellence

Posted by Megan Allinson on Aug 21, 2018

The New England Direct Marketing Association recently held its 37th Annual Awards for Creative Excellence at District Hall in Boston, MA. Thirteen out-of-region judges critiqued work from leading New England marketing and creative agencies. Winning work was based on return-on-marketing-investment (ROI) as well as the effectiveness of the design, copy and campaign execution. BKM Marketing entered four client campaigns, and each entry earned first or second place recognition in its category. 

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Seven Ways to Track your Competition's Marketing

Posted by Madison Sullivan on May 16, 2018

Tracking your competitors' marketing activity is a terrific way to stay one step ahead. And it's easier than you think. Here are seven tips that can help you monitor pricing trends, assess competitive product or service enhancements, and alert you to changes in their marketing strategy and tactics.

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Driving Response and Conversion with 7 Multi-Channel, Multi-Touch Tips

Posted by Megan Allinson on Feb 22, 2018

Did you know that 33% of consumers regularly use more than three (3) channels when making purchases, yet only 14% of organizations claim their currently running coordinated campaigns across channels?1

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BKM Hires Megan Allinson as Integrated Marketing Director

Posted by Laura Costello on Oct 05, 2017

BKM Marketing is pleased to announce the hiring of strategic marketer, Megan Allinson

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Improving Marketing Outcomes with Four Types of Data

Posted by Megan Allinson on Sep 25, 2017
Leveraging data to improve marketing outcomes is a hot topic of conversation among marketers. But when asked, most marketers will acknowledge that while they know that data improves the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and communications, many still feel overwhelmed when it comes to actually integrating the two. 
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Before you get to the customer journey, understand the customer experience.

Posted by Rick Hall on Feb 27, 2017

“Customer journey” has already become one of financial marketing’s most popular buzzwords of the year. It seems you can’t have a conversation about banking, read a marketing strategy document or sit through a marketing presentation for senior management without hearing the term…along with disparate views as to what it means.

But here’s the problem with buzzwords: too many people spend more time bandying about a phrase like “customer journey” than doing the hard but fruitful work of actually deploying end-to-end initiatives to deliver the journey your customers desire. To really demonstrate your understanding of the customer journey, you have to dig in and be prepared to make some significant changes to the way your institution engages customers – across every channel they access.

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