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The Secret Sauce Behind Direct Mail's Resurgence, as originally seen in Forbes.

Posted by Megan Allinson on May 07, 2019
Savvy marketers are discovering that direct mail is more powerful than ever, especially when they're microtargeting new customers and building deeper relationships with existing customers. Email, robocalls, social media, and many other techniques have their strengths, but cluttered messaging channels render many such approaches unemotional and ineffective.
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Can you reach your sales goals without direct mail?

Posted by Ingrid Gonzalez on Aug 25, 2016

Best ways to use direct mail in 2016

Marketing blogs and trade journals create endless gigabytes of content about online marketing techniques, yet many marketers continue to rely on direct mail as a primary tactic for generating sales. In fact, several BKM Marketing clients have dramatically increased their mail volumes this year within their marketing mix because it provides them with the best return on investment compared to other less predictable channels. 

Consider these facts:

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Does Direct Mail Still Matter? 

Posted by Bruce McMeekin on Sep 08, 2015

Everyone can agree that in 2015, if you're a marketer with no digital presence you're out of the game. With round the clock updates and messages from social networks, texts, and emails that we're accessing through a range of mobile devices, we are all constantly connected. To reach prospective customers and clients, your company has to be where those customers are looking for your goods or services.

So, with all of this activity online, does direct mail still matter? 

Without a doubt, YES!! To go even further, direct mail is seeing a resurgence and clear uptick in usage and performance. Between constant mobile notifications and our email inboxes flooded with messages (some helpful and others not so helpful), properly targeted direct mail with information that is relevant to the recipient can be a welcome change! 

More importantly, why is this so important for marketers?

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Everything you need to know about data

Posted by Laura Costello on Feb 14, 2014

Data is a marketer’s most important asset, and today’s marketing data options are deeper and more complicated than ever before.  Join Bruce and Sam on March 3rd at the Direct Marketing Innovations Symposium in Cambridge, where they lead a session on New Options in B2B and B2C Lists.  They will cover the latest list strategies available to marketers trying to reach business and consumer targets through traditional and digital direct marketing channels.   

Topics will include:

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Bank Merger Communications: Printing and Mailing

Posted by Sam Ricco on Nov 05, 2013

As with any bank merger communication plan, hard copy printed and mailed communications are critical elements to the overall campaign. Not only are hard copy communications necessary for legal reasons, but they are also a great opportunity to develop a relationship and paint a positive image of your institution for your new customers. 

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How to Lower Printing Costs, Part #5: It's all about Design

Posted by Sam Ricco on Sep 11, 2013

Working with great creative professionals is one of the most exciting parts of my job.  The magic they impart is incredible.  Hand them a creative brief and they come back with cool designs, unique formats, and fantastic use of color and paper stocks.   You may ask why a “printing and production” guy is working so closely with the creative team.  The answer is, as talented as these people are, they still need guidance and direction in order to keep within budget, meet postal specs and ensure their designs reproduce well on whatever medium you have chosen.

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How to Lower Printing Costs Part #3 – Microtargeting

Posted by Sam Ricco on Aug 05, 2013

Long gone are the days of macro marketing – when one message or offer was effective for an entire campaign.  These days, with the all of the great database marketing tools and techniques we have (data appending, CRM systems, variable lasering, etc.) it is relatively easy to version a personalized letter with all sorts of one-to-one marketing information that can help your response rates to skyrocket. 

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How to Lower Printing Costs: Part #2

Posted by Sam Ricco on Jul 11, 2013

How to Lower Printing Costs: Part #2 - “Gang Printing” - Combining Print Runs for Multiple Items 

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Direct Mail: How to Lower Printing Costs – A 5-Part Series

Posted by Sam Ricco on Jun 14, 2013

Next to postage, printing is often the next most costly element of a direct mail campaign.  Lower your printing costs and your ROI will skyrocket, making your campaigns much more profitable - turning you into an office hero.  In this series, I will review 5 ways to reduce your printing costs without sacrificing response rates.

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Direct Mail: The Multi Touch vs. Single Touch Direct Mail Debate

Posted by Sam Ricco on May 28, 2013

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients about direct mail options is “Should we mail to the same audience multiple times or just once?”.  The answer I tell everyone is “it depends”.  Don’t get me wrong, a multi-touch, multi-medium campaign is always the best approach.  However, the realities of limited budgets and the composition of the customer database or prospect list can have a significant impact of on how we execute our marketing campaigns.  

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