What is your unique message?

With over 5,900 FDIC-Insured Banks and over 5,800 Federally Insured Credit Unions in the United States, the challenge to stand out from the competition remains front and center for many financial service marketers today.

With so many traditional institutions and non-traditional providers vying for share of mind and wallet from these markets, each institution needs to consider how to effectively communicate a differentiated experience and set of solutions to their target audiences.

At BKM, we work closely with our clients to identify the most effective and efficient way to cut through the messaging clutter and achieve their goals.

BKM Marketing | Differentiate | Sales Enablement

Maximize your sales opportunities. 

The topic of sales and financial services marketing have been front and center recently. Much of the opportunity to fix the issue comes from aligning desired objectives with brand, culture, training and process. We recognize this challenge and work with clients to build actionable sales tools to get them up and running quickly.

  • Interactive sales playbooks
  • Sales toolkits
  • Template-based sales presentations

BKM Marketing | Differentiate | Product Development & Positioning

Build and align your products to your target markets.

Financial Institutions are often asking themselves, “How can we best position our new offering to current and potential customers/members?” The truth is that much of the answer to this question lies within the data used to support the plan. We assist our bank clients who are considering:

  • Introducing new products
  • Exploring new market segments
  • Enhancing sales and marketing channels or
  • Entering a new geographic market

BKM Marketing | Differentiate | Payments Strategy & Deployment

Leverage the dynamic capability of new payments solutions. 

How is your financial institution leveraging the mass of innovation taking place around payments? What payments capabilities do your customers/members expect you to provide – now and in the future? We assist clients in solving many of these complex issues by focusing core supply and demand principals to align what you provide to your desired target audience.

  • Payment product roadmap
  • Payment solution targeting
  • Cross-sell new payment solutions

BKM Marketing | Differentiate | Digital Marketing Strategies

Deploy innovative communications across digital platforms. 

Multichannel marketing is now a necessity for financial institutions of all sizes - but implementing and executing successful programs can be more difficult to manage than most expect. We build sustainable integrated programs that support current bank marketing programs as well as help clients grow into the robust marketing engine their institution needs to compete.

  • Digital marketing programs to support brand efforts
  • Social media strategies to engage a broader audience
  • Video and alternative messaging platforms deployment

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