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5 Reasons Why Colleges and Universities Should Use Inbound Marketing

Posted by Laura Costello on Oct 16, 2013

In 2013, most admissions and advancement professionals at higher education institutions have probably heard the terms "content marketing" or “inbound marketing,” but may not have a solid idea of what they mean and how they can help move prospective students through the admissions funnel. In a sentence, inbound marketing involves creating and sharing objective, informative content designed to appeal to the ideal prospective student, which in turn attracts more qualified leads to your institution and establishes a more targeted, relevant and personalized admissions experience. It truly sounds like the ideal solution, especially in the days of stealth applications! Yet, for a number of reasons, while many colleges and universities have beefed up their social media and online outreach, there are still many that haven't quite been able to find room in their budgets to pull from search programs and move further into the inbound space. So why is now the time? 

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