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The newest internet sensation is...a credit card?

Posted by Rick Hall on Sep 14, 2016

During a week where the banking news cycle felt an awful lot like the current presidential campaign - with provocative coverage of items like the a cross-sell fiasco, calls for investigation and questions of who knew what and when did they know it - a really interesting, and potentially foreshadowing event took place in the industry.

It isn’t all that surprising that more negative stories commanded the headlines - as with the campaign - but this one caught our attention (and it wasn’t because of a cool Fintech rollout).


When was the last time a bank product flew off the shelf like the Chase Sapphire Reserve card?

We briefly highlighted the story in our most recent post highlighting the content marketing of 15 banks over a one-week period.  The card's popularity alone is newsworthy...but add to that the fact that Chase hasn't spent a dime on marketing the card. This really is a defining, viral 'gotta have one' moment for a bank product.

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Bank mergers: Key activities to make the deal successful.

Posted by Rick Hall on Jul 27, 2016

One of the areas that we noted in our annual outlook in January was the fact that all signs were pointing to an anticipated increase in the number of bank mergers in 2016. While most of the deals announced to date have been relatively small due to increased regulatory scrutiny on readiness in larger institutions, there does seem to be a growing undercurrent of activity. This arguably is driven more on seller motivation than buyer strategy. Regardless of the drivers, it appears to be a good opportunity for smaller buyers to make hay while their much larger competitors deal with meeting the demands of regulators in preparation for their next move.

So the mixed environment (which seems to have a few years of runway left) creates the need for those who are in the position to buy to take stock of some internal factors prior to jumping on the merger bandwagon. Here are a few thoughts to consider going forward.

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Enhance Your Bank's Sales and Marketing Initiatives: 5 Tips

Posted by Rick Hall on Mar 17, 2016

no-5-1176806.jpgPart three of a three part observation series

In my last post we examined a few ways that banks can elevate the role of data in their marketing programs to begin the process of gaining better alignment to overall strategy. This post will focus on the sales aspect of sales and marketing campaigns – what can be referred to the execution channel. But a word of caution: sales and sales people are no longer synonymous.

As with our data post, you will find five areas of focus for bank marketers to enhance sales activities. Since we emphasized the critical nature of list development driven by strategy, we would be remiss if we now veered back to traditional sales activities to execute the program. Modern marketing programs should create buyers - not just serve as a ‘warm lead sheet’ for field staff.

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Understanding Strategy Makes for Better Bank Marketing Execution and Sales Results

Posted by Rick Hall on Mar 01, 2016

Part one of a three part observation series

Over the past twenty years, it has continually amazed me just how vigorously discussed and overthought the sales process (including the marketing support function) has become in the banking industry. So many financial and human resource investments have been deployed to find the right structure that it really is one of the great industry head-scratchers to observe.

Maybe the reason behind it is due to the industry trying to hang onto the concept of differentiation based on service - flooding frontline staff members with concepts like balanced scorecards, product sales “cheat sheets”, competitive positioning tools, and sales training boot camps – and that we just can’t face reality. Service in the unspecified way that most banks use the term just doesn’t make you different. So what's left, price?

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Bank marketing: Is content marketing missing from your marketing plan?

Posted by Laura Costello on Oct 14, 2014

AmeriFirst increased sales 5% by marrying content marketing with their traditional relationship strategies. 

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Bank Marketing: 7 Tips to Improve Small Business Lead Generation

Posted by Bruce McMeekin on Aug 15, 2014

If you are a bank marketing professional, you no doubt understand what a challenge it is to convince small business owners and CFO's that it's time to switch banks. Even developing enough doubt in the mind of a small business owner about their current situation to consider meeting with your bank is a difficult task.

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Bank Merger Communications: Printing and Mailing

Posted by Sam Ricco on Nov 05, 2013

As with any bank merger communication plan, hard copy printed and mailed communications are critical elements to the overall campaign. Not only are hard copy communications necessary for legal reasons, but they are also a great opportunity to develop a relationship and paint a positive image of your institution for your new customers. 

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Bank Merger Communications: Strategy and Process Design

Posted by Laura Costello on Oct 22, 2013

Mergers can be complex, but the best bank merger communications are simple and transparent. It's essential to understand when to communicate, what to communicate, and to whom you should communicate.

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Bank Marketing: Why are there still 7,083 banks in the U.S.?

Posted by Bruce McMeekin on May 10, 2013

This is the first in an occasional series about the evolution of bank marketing.

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