Redefining How to Make Your Bank Merger Succeed

Posted by Rick Hall

The US banking industry has seen a relatively consistent consolidation rate of 5% over recent years. Prior to the pandemic hitting the industry beginning in March, analysts were touting positive financial indicators that this year could produce an even greater rate and size of merger combinations. Obviously, things have changed dramatically across the industry but the underlying core need for more competitive institutions with more developed digital capabilities and a greater connection to consumer and business needs has arguably never been greater.

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Excelling Through Change - Bank Merger Marketing

Posted by Katie Pinabell

The reality of addressing all of the moving parts needed to effectively communicate a pending bank merger can be daunting. The fact is that most banks don’t have the resources to dedicate to this “one-time project.”

BKM Marketing's Bank Merger Communications - Excelling Through Change is more than a how-to guide for navigating checklists of do’s and don’ts for merger communication. 

This ebook is intended as a resource for bank executives to think strategically about how to effectively plan and execute high impact communications to an array of audiences using all of the key elements of the two bank brands – acquirer and acquired – and build a solid foundation for post-conversion alignment focusing around our Key Takeaways:

1. Focus on Employees

2. Build an Iterative Communication Plan and Manage to it

3. Understand Your Audiences and Focus on What They Need to Know

4. Think Beyond the Merger

5. Conduct a Formal Post Mortem

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Adopt an employee-first methodology during a bank merger

Posted by Megan Allinson

Federal regulators are becoming more and more receptive to large bank deals — bank merger approvals have sped up under the Trump administration. As the landscape resets to include larger combinations, the financial rationale is dependent upon combining institutions exploring and addressing the needs of all constituents impacted by these mergers.

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