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How to Lower Printing Costs, Part #5: It's all about Design

Posted by Sam Ricco on Sep 11, 2013

Working with great creative professionals is one of the most exciting parts of my job.  The magic they impart is incredible.  Hand them a creative brief and they come back with cool designs, unique formats, and fantastic use of color and paper stocks.   You may ask why a “printing and production” guy is working so closely with the creative team.  The answer is, as talented as these people are, they still need guidance and direction in order to keep within budget, meet postal specs and ensure their designs reproduce well on whatever medium you have chosen.

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Direct Mail: How to Lower Printing Costs – A 5-Part Series

Posted by Sam Ricco on Jun 14, 2013

Next to postage, printing is often the next most costly element of a direct mail campaign.  Lower your printing costs and your ROI will skyrocket, making your campaigns much more profitable - turning you into an office hero.  In this series, I will review 5 ways to reduce your printing costs without sacrificing response rates.

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Direct Mail: Picture Permit Indicia. Picture Perfect or Underdeveloped?

Posted by Sam Ricco on May 16, 2013

This is part of an ongoing series of posts relating to the direct mail industry

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