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Find the perfect tech fit for your bank by asking vendors these 9 questions.

Posted by Megan Allinson on Oct 29, 2019
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The rate of technology change facing Banks and Credit Unions today is unprecedented.  At the same time, the challenges facing prioritization for selecting from these solutions is more critical than ever before for the industry.  In a recently published article in International Banker: Find the Perfect Tech Fit for Your Bank by Asking Vendors These 9 Questions, BKM Marketing’s Managing Director of Banking and Financial Services, Rick Hall, looks at approaches to leverage an institution’s strategy to navigate this reality.

“There is a tremendous amount of noise that Banks and Credit Unions need to sort through these days – all with a greater sense of urgency to grow and differentiate while using the same or fewer resources to achieve those results” Rick states. “As we listen to clients, we hear the theme of more from less but the definition of that is incredibly nebulous”.

As he notes in the article, the goal is to “instill confidence in investment choices and ensure no time is wasted on vendors that will ultimately yield a dead-end or failed project.” 

To learn more about this topic and our perspective on the topic, Continue reading about the 9 recommended questions to ask software vendors: Find the Perfect Tech Fit for Your Bank by Asking Vendors These 9 Questions.

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