Evaluating fintech? Top 4 Questions to Ask by BKM on BAI.org

Posted by Katie Pinabell

The promise of fintech can be exciting. It can improve both front and back offices. But bankers should use prudence when considering new technology.

Rick Hall, our Managing Director of the Banking and Financial Services practice at BKM Marketing, is a sought after expert for bank leaders who are looking to make investments in this area, particularly when it comes to investments in the area of digital marketing and communications.

Rick was recently published on BAI.org's Banking Strategies blog with some timely guidance to financial services firms about how best to go about making their next big investment in fintech. While every bank will have its own issues and needs, Rick outlines four questions every institution should be asking.

BKM Marketing on BAI.org

Four questions to ask when considering your next fintech purchase

Check out Rick's post, Four questions to ask when considering your next fintech purchase on Bai.org and ensure you're going about evaluating your 2020 fintech investments in the smartest way possible.

Today’s banking leaders talk about fintech with a lot of excitement, but also with an undercurrent of anxiety. Bankers understand that technologies like bots, machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence are presented as transformational solutions for the banking industry. Given the speed and scale of change, bankers must balance the risk of falling behind against the possibility of making the wrong purchase that places their strategy even further behind.

But how do bankers who aren’t naturally tech-savvy separate the mission-critical from the flavor of the week?


Are you a leader struggling with figuring out which programs and tactics you should be using to help grow your bank or financial institution?

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