Tina Forsyth

Direct Marketing Account Manager


Tina brings over 25 years of data processing and research experience to BKM Marketing. As Direct Marketing Account Manager, Tina manages client programs through all stages of marketing execution, including data processing, production and mailing. Working directly with the Managing Director for Program Implementation, Tina optimizes BKM client databases by evaluating, cleaning and preparing files as defined in their marketing program strategies. 

Prior to joining BKM, Tina was database processor for close to 20 years, first at Fulfillment Express and then at The Field Companies. She worked closely with clients to prepare files for mailing, and was the main point of contact for BKM's client data processing partnerships with both companies. Her clear understanding of BKM client goals and needs was an essential contribution to executing their programs successfully.

Tina is a naturally inquisitive professional, constantly asking questions and making recommendations for new ways to improve. She is the ultimate team player and lifelong learner, who enjoys developing additional skills and solving unique challenges.  

Get to know Tina:

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? Are you doing it now?

I remember being asked this question when I was ten; I chose “trainer” because my parents were both involved in personnel training.  The student assigned to illustrate all of the class’s answers didn’t have this key bit of information however, and drew me with a chair, a whip, and a lion.  I am training nether people nor lions now, but I do enjoy those times when I can sit down and share my knowledge with someone else.

Are you doing your dream job?

I am.  When I sat down and put together a picture of the job I wanted to find, it had nothing to do with my specific responsibilities, or the purpose of my employer.  I wanted to find a place where everyone worked together to accomplish whatever we needed to, and where we were neither limited by nor tied to a specific job description.  I wanted to be able to contribute, and to feel that my contribution was valued.  I suppose I don’t really have a dream job, but I definitely have a dream work environment, and I have found it.

Name 3 words that best describe you.

Picky, eclectic and precise.

What publications/blogs/websites do you regularly read?

Although I am an opportunity reader and receive both the Washington Post and the Atlas Obscura Newsletter in my inbox, the only thing I do regularly is listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR.  I like to laugh.

What are you happiest doing and why?

Sharing something I love with other people who love it too – I have spent 24 hours playing an intense board game, joined over 10,000 other science fiction fans for five days of discussion, argument and celebration of the genre, and attend almost every home Patriots game.  The thing that ties them all together is a sense of community around a shared experience, and it is the most joyful thing I do.

What makes you a team player?

Being a part of something larger than myself is where I find satisfaction.  This also informs my love of football; not only is this a quintessential team sport, where no play will succeed without the active participation of all the players, but there is something uplifting about being part of the crowd, sharing the excitement and magic of seeing it all come together with 60,000 of your closest friends.

If you could choose one place to go on vacation where would it be? Why?

Scotland.  Haggis.  But wait, there’s more; not only does Scotland have haggis everywhere (yum,) but one of the most delightful experiences I ever had was participating in a torchlight procession through Edinburgh as part of the Hogmanay celebration.  I cannot imagine anywhere in the US where organizers could convince a city to allow 8,000 people to walk through the center of town carrying lit torches, and I’m not sure if it could succeed anywhere else, but it was a warm, communal experience. Well, it was actually quite chilly, but very inclusive and peaceful.

Hotdog or hamburger?

Shrimp.  I struggle at barbeques.

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