Megan Allinson

Integrated Marketing Director


Megan brings over 14 years of strategic marketing experience to BKM Marketing. As the Integrated Marketing Director, Megan partners with clients to develop their marketing communication plans and strategies which deliver against business and marketing challenges and objectives.

Megan’s background ranges across multiple marketing disciplines including digital and direct, relationship marketing, and traditional advertising, while her industry expertise encompasses financial services, insurance, travel & hospitality, and healthcare.

Prior to joining BKM Marketing, Megan was an Account Director at Wilde Agency and received her BS in Business Administration and Marketing from Marist College.

Get to know Megan:

Are you doing your dream job?

Yes and No. I knew I always wanted to go into business. Growing up I heard my dad talk a lot about business, marketing, and sales and watched as he helped build a company from the ground up through sale. I then observed as he created a sales and marketing niche for himself. I was always fascinated by the way marketing and advertising leveraged psychology and real data to persuade decision making. After talking with people I looked up to, I had a hunch marketing was where I wanted to be.

On the other hand I’d love to leverage my health coaching and nutrition education and training and one day help people reach their goals of living the healthy life they aspire to through nutrition and exercise.

How do your colleagues best describe you?

As someone who is able to get along with everyone, read everyone’s style, and work with many different personality types; Calm but with a sense of urgency.

What publications/blogs/websites do you regularly read? 

Marketing Profs e-Newsletter/Podcast, Entrepreneurs Organization Podcast, Runners World, anything running related.

What is your personal motto/mantra? Feel free to explain why?

Run hard. Have fun. I apply this in all I do, not just running. I don’t look for the easy way out. I give it all in everything I do. If I don’t understand something or am having trouble understanding something I read further, ask more questions, and try harder. But at the same time it’s absolutely important to love what I’m doing and to be having fun along the way.

What are 3 lessons you’ve learned in your career that you’d pass along to others?
  • Know your audience and the personalities you’re working with
  • Be flexible and able to pivot
  • Know when to call it a day, to take vacation, and make time to recharge
If we asked one of your closest friends what you’d most likely be doing in your free time, what would it be?

Running –it keeps me going, clears my head, and energizes me

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