Join us on Wednesday, September 16th

Posted by Laura Costello

Looking to have some polling fun with your fellow marketers at 9am on September 16th?

Join Bruce and Laura in Cambridge at the New England Direct Marketing Association's, The 5 D's of Direct Mail: Data, Design, Delivery, Due Diligence, Digital.

Bruce will be presenting: "Is Your Marketing Insane?” Explore the science of testing and learn how to effectively increase response (see description below).

For discounted admission, use our speaker guest discount link to register here. 


"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." (Albert Einstein)

This familiar quote has far reaching implications for the 2015 marketer.  Discover how you can extract extra knowledge and future profitability out of every campaign you execute.  How many times have you wondered if #10's really out pull 6x9's?  Or if your audience engages more with email or social media?  Which landing page will capture more qualified leads for you?  Is my list or my offer the key driver of my success?  Which segments truly drive my ROI?

If you're not testing, you're not learning.  And if you are testing, are you learning all that you can?  This seminar delves into practical test design-the kind that many of us have to do because we lack budget, mathematical expertise, or enough audience quantity to satisfy our Statistics professors.

Key takeaways will be:

  • The practical difference between "statistically significant" and "directional"
  • How to save money with qualitative testing before quantitative testing
  • What to do when your test is inconclusive
  • Multivariate testing opportunities
  • When it's better to listen to your gut than to test

We'll also do some live testing with a polling app, so charge your mobile devices! 

Topics: Direct Marketing