How to Lower Printing Costs Part #3 – Microtargeting

Posted by Sam Ricco

Long gone are the days of macro marketing – when one message or offer was effective for an entire campaign.  These days, with the all of the great database marketing tools and techniques we have (data appending, CRM systems, variable lasering, etc.) it is relatively easy to version a personalized letter with all sorts of one-to-one marketing information that can help your response rates to skyrocket. 

The challenge is how do you communicate this one-to-one message to the target audience while the package is unopened and still in the “mail pile”?  One of our favorite techniques that is very effective and saves on printing as well as mailing services and postage costs is to use a “double windowed” envelope – shown in the sample image below. 


While you can place the second window where ever you want, we like to use it to show the Johnson Box area of the letter.  Used in conjunction with a pre-printed letterhead shell (see “How to Lower Printing Costs: Part #1 – The Art and Science of how to use Pre-Printed Shells”), you will be able to show your personalized one-to-one message without the recipient needing to open the envelope. While a custom manufactured double window envelope may seem more expensive (especially in small quantities under 50,000) it is usually less expensive than printing up multiple versions with different teasers / offers.  This technique will also allow you to have a single production lot for all records thus reducing data processing and lettershop charges while increasing your postage savings.

Finally, double window envelopes are great for testing as well – without all of the cost usually associated with testing.  You can test 4, 5, 6 or as many offers / copy points as you want by changing what shows through the second window.  

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