Franchises Achieve 11% to 44% Sales Lift by Linking Online Banner Ads to Direct Mail

CLIENT: Lawn Doctor Franchisees


Online advertising campaigns (including Facebook and Instagram) often suffer from imperfect targeting, creating a lot of wasted marketing budget. On the other hand, direct mail offers the advantage of near-perfect prospect targeting. 

In the Spring of 2018, BKM Marketing along with two Lawn Doctor franchises, began testing the impact of adding targeted banner ads to their existing direct mail campaigns, effectively reaching the exact same customers both off-and online. 


Direct Mail + Target Online Banner Ads. Starting with an identified mail list, IP address and smart device ID’s (mobile) were mapped to the mail list. This mapping enabled online ads to be delivered ONLY to the mailing list, creating an additional online touch to direct mail. Targeted online ads were served to homeowners on the mailing lists one week prior to the letter packages arriving and continued running two weeks afterwards.

Campaign Elements:
  • Direct Mail
  • IP/Device ID targeted OLA to Direct Mail recipients

The impact of testing targeted banner ads in combination with direct mail demonstrated an 11% - 44% lift in sales compared to direct mail alone.

As a result of this success, during Spring of 2020 nearly 70% of the Lawn Doctor franchises that BKM partners with incorporated targeted banner ads into their direct marketing campaigns and have experienced closer to a 21%-44% lift in sales