Measure. Learn. Enhance your marketing campaigns.

Our team executes over 100 direct marketing campaigns each year—most for clients that have relied on BKM Marketing’s expertise for a decade or longer to grow their businesses.  

At the end of each marketing campaign, we assess  performance several ways:

  • Did the program achieve its goal(s)?
  • Which audience segments were the most profitable?
  • How did the test cells perform?
  • Which response channels were most effective?
  • What was the cost per lead?  Per sale?
  • What was the closing rate?
  • What was the average sale?
  • How long was the response curve?
  • Were there any unusual circumstances in the marketplace?  
  • More competition than anticipated?
  • Bad weather?
  • Unfavorable economic factors (like a stock market correction)?

Answers to these questions create the knowledge platform for the next marketing initiative.

As agency partners to a number of marketing automation platforms, including HubSpot, we combine our inbound and outbound marketing expertise to optimize your program results. Consistent communication, program analysis and refinements ensure you reach your defined goals and success metrics. 


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Balancing Inbound and Outbound Direct Marketing Strategies.

A well-balanced marketing portfolio leverages a mix of inbound and outbound media and tactics to maximize aggregate engagement, conversion and pipeline velocity.

So how do you best go about rebalancing your marketing portfolio?


Download Balancing Inbound and Outbound Strategies: Effective Integrated Marketing in Action today and learn more.