CLIENT: Old Sod Travel


Old Sod Travel, a boutique travel agency specializing in customized trips to Ireland, Scotland, and England sought to host the inaugural Holey War golf tournament in Ireland between alumni of St. Joseph’s University and Villanova University  in 2017. As a result of low awareness the trip was canceled. In 2017 Old Sod Travel set out to promote the trip again targeting the summer of 2018. With only a small list of interested alumni from the previous year, Old Sod Travel questioned how to make this a success without direct access to alumni of the two universities.


Knowing Old Sod Travel needed to reach a niche audience who they had little to no contact with, BKM recommended a ‘Keep Me Updated’ campaign to build awareness and curate a list of interested leads who would receive more details about the trip and registration as they became available. The two primary channels used in this campaign were social media and print.

  • Social media, specifically Facebook, was recommended as the primary lead driver as we knew Old Sod Travel would be able to reach a wide audience through targeted ads and Facebook’s event capabilities. Facebook ads specifically targeted those with an interest in golf, who had identified as having a connection to either Villanova University or St. Joseph’s University, and lastly who were 22 years old or older in an attempt to reach people who were more likely to be alumni.
  • Knowing Old Sod Travel had access to a professor/golf writer at St. Joseph's University, print was recommended for distribution at campus and university alumni events.

Both channels drove to a landing page where interested parties could sign-up to stay informed about trip details and registration. There was also an option to pre-register for those who already knew they wanted to attend.


The Keep Me Posted campaign yielded a total of 69 leads, up significantly from the 2017 trip. 58% (40) of leads came from the Facebook campaign with the remainder coming from direct site traffic, referrals, or search.