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Sales Enablement 


Unlocking growth opportunities

The concept of selling in the banking industry has evolved to become a critical but often complex exercise. While many institutions have significant hours and financial investment in their sales processes, unlocking the true potential of a sales culture remains on the list of improvement topics for bank leaders.

Two key elements of the sales process are the dissemination of relevant content to front-line staff and the assessment of the ability of the front-line staff to consume that information in a meaningful way.

Despite the variety of sales models and theories deployed by banks today, a strategic sales enablement program proves to be an effective initiative that facilitates the model rather than replaces it. Sales enablement is about aligning a bank’s strategic objectives, its sales staffing capabilities and overall culture in a clear and consistent manner.

Among the sample projects in sales enablement, BKM has worked with clients on:

  • Establishing and designing interactive sales playbooks providing in-depth product detail and selling opportunities for sales teams
  • Developing sales toolkits for specific business sales teams supporting Small Business, including customizable sell sheets, value proposition calculators, and email templates 
  • Creating module-based sales presentations 

BKM works with financial institutions to build and deliver highly successful sales enablement programs encompassing those noted above as well as many other unique initiatives. The key is to ensure each element aligns with your institution’s strategy and objectives. Contact us to discuss how we can help develop an effective sales enablement program for your bank.