Banking and Financial Services

Customer Onboarding

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

The first 6 months following a customer’s commitment to establish some form of relationship with a bank (whether acquired through marketing activities or bank acquisition) are among the most critical to demonstrate how the customer can expect their relationship will be going forward. Onboarding activities during this time are among the most important in establishing a positive customer experience and require support from all levels of the bank. 

A successful and differentiated customer onboarding program provides the bank with a proactive set of outreach activities directed specifically at targeted customers - rather than the reality of most customers' first interactions be due to a problem or lack of understanding of a bank’s policies or processes.

Based on proven sets of best practices, BKM provides onboarding program services, including:

  • Developing customized onboarding programs based on the reality that each bank is different…in strategy, product and pricing objectives, marketing resources and sales culture.
  • Providing an integrated messaging strategy that ranges from outreach to the broad customer base to highly-segmented messages supporting product offers to select, high-value customers
  • Constructing a detailed messaging calendar
  • Consistently measuring success based on established metrics, then modifying and expanding accordingly.

BKM works with financial institutions to build and deliver highly successful onboarding programs using all of the tactics highlighted above. The key is to ensure each element aligns with your institution’s strategy and objectives. Contact us to discuss how we can help develop an effective onboarding program for your bank.