Banking and Financial Services

Integrated Marketing 

Connecting with your audience

Understanding customer behavior is critical in bank marketing today; at its core, banking has become a highly commoditized business and banks need to message to customers where they spend time and want to be reached – a very different reality from the long-standing strategy of using statement stuffers and in-branch signage to market new products.

With the increasing use of technology to influence a customer’s perspective of their bank, an integrated communications approach is now the standard. In order to effectively compete in today's banking world, bank marketers need to consider a wide variety of channels to maximize a campaign's value and relevance, including:

  • Developing a relevant and unique website that delivers on the brand of the bank
  • Conducting outbound email marketing programs that include lead nurture programs
  • Launching inbound content marketing campaigns to bring in new prospects
  • Leveraging new capabilities to gain visibility through search engine optimization and targeted online advertising strategies 
  • Creating impactful videos that educate and inform key audiences  
  • Building highly customized landing pages for each online and offline campaign
  • Developing a list strategy and acquiring key information on customers or prospects
  • Executing a highly focused and targeted direct marketing campaign
  • Expanding your sales presence through event marketing opportunities
  • Ensuring program strategy is delivered through marketing fulfillment programs

BKM works with financial institutions to build and deliver highly successful integrated marketing campaigns using all of the tactics highlighted above. The key is to ensure each element aligns with your institution’s strategy and objectives. Contact us to discuss how we can help develop an effective integrated marketing program for your bank.