Actionable Customer Insights.



Using data analytics tools to build out your marketing strategy can be a complex and expensive undertaking – and using the data tools provided by your core provider often proves to be less than optimal.  Without clear direction, how much are you currently spending without a solid sense of:

  • Who is your ideal target?
  • What offer will drive them to act? 
  • Which marketing channels do they prefer?

We know it can be a challenge to engage in a dialogue to explore the options that reflect your institution’s size, strategy and capabilities, not just the broader needs of the industry.

That’s why we started BANKALYTICS – we’re bankers, marketers and data scientists that have been in your shoes and know that one size does not fit all.  Drop us a line and let’s explore your institution’s possibilities together. 


Unlock the Value of Your Data to Drive Marketing Success 

As your Financial Institution looks at how data will play into your future strategy, you need to find the right path for your particular needs and situations.

BKM Marketing and SIGMA Marketing Insights – the driving forces behind BANKALYTICS - give you a primer on how to think about your data needs and what you can do to get started in this free guide.

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BANKALYTICS is not an out of the box data solution.

It is built to become your strategic data solution that is tailored to your needs within the context of your strategy, not simply based on broader industry trends. In short, we work with you to understand what you need, identify what you have and bring them together and to use in everything you do from a product and marketing perspective.


How reliable is your data - and how do you use it to grow over time rather than just at a point in time? BANKALYTICS cuts through your data clutter and identifies the key elements that are relevant to your bank and your marketing strategy.

Our process delivers clear and actionable recommendations on Day One - not a pile of spreadsheets for you to sort through following a few months of 'data crunching'.

Industry Insights

BANKALYTICS provides insights similar to those utilized by the largest financial institutions in the U.S. – but with scale.  

That's because we've been in your shoes.

Our combination of hands-on bank data, product and marketing experience - plus our best-in-class data analysis, security and governance practices - makes BANKALYTICS a custom solution created for bank marketers like you. 


Gaining unique insights into how your customers interact with your bank is ultimately what will help you differentiate yourself in the market - and the easiest and best place to start is with the data you already have on your customer platforms. 

BANKALYTICS is built for bank marketers - helping you understand your customers and improve your target marketing - all through a common lens and without having to do all of the heavy lifting.

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Actionable Customer Insights.