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Bank M&A Quarterly | Q3 2022 Edition


Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Bank M&A Quarterly eNewsletter from Bank Merger Marketing. We hope that the content provided each quarter will be both informative on the how’s and why’s behind industry consolidation activities as well as a quick way to obtain some helpful best practice insights from acquirers that have differentiated themselves through execution.

We all know 2022 has been an “interesting” year for consolidation in our industry. While we entered the year with some sizable and potentially game-changing movers making announcements (see announced deals from our industry colleagues in Canada), what has transpired from a regulatory, political, and economic perspective certainly wasn’t prominent in any of the forecasts I followed back in Q1. I now sense that ‘hurry up and wait’ may have been a wise position to take. Still, it seems as though some smaller and moderately sized deals continue to see their way through – mostly lower risk and strategic market expansion in nature – while the larger deals navigate their way through the ever evolving approval process. As we continue to follow just how the flow of the activity funnel will modulate, here’s to more predictable and strategically relevant activity ahead. Thanks for scrolling!


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Bank Merger Marketing Perspectives

How to perform the due diligence you need to ensure a successful merger

Mergers in the banking industry are steadily making their way back to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, nearly half of financial executives say that their bank would make an acquisition in 2022.  

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BKM Bank Merger Marketing Merger Due Diligence International Banker
BKM Bank Merger Marketing BAI Executive Report

Mergers are a test of people and process

What do people and have to do with delivering a successful M&A program? Aren’t mergers really about aligning people and processes between two organizations to create a better single entity?

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BMM in the News

The Key to a Successful Bank Merger? A Strong Company Culture.

To have a successful M&A and maximize stakeholder retention, it’s crucial for acquiring banks to develop a plan to effectively establish their culture, and be open to elements of the target bank’s culture.

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BKM Bank Merger Marketing Successful Mergers
BKM Bank Merger Marketing Data Segment Podcast Rick Hall

Driving M&A Decisions Through Data Intelligence.

In this podcast, Rick Hall, of BKM Marketing, talks with Segmint about the different ways to use bank data during the M&A process.

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